SLAD - Security Local Auditing Daemon V2

SLAD is a tool for performing local security checks against GNU/Linux systems and is published entirely under the GPL. SLAD has been primarily developed for the BOSS project to work together with OpenVAS to enhance its local scanning capabilities. For example, scanning for weak passwords with a tool like John-the-Ripper is something that simply cannot be achieved by a network scan.

Therefore, SLAD is required to be installed on every GNU/Linux system where local auditing needs to be done. SLAD can then be used as a stand-alone application or more conveniently through OpenVAS or the Greenbone Security Manager. For usage with OpenVAS two NVT plugins are provided for interfacing between OpenVAS and SLAD, this functionality in already present with the Greenbone Security Manager

The Version 2.0 provides a XML Interface for Parameters and easy integration of additional audit-parameters and tools. To help the administrator to integrate a new feature-set, a development-documentation is provided with the cvs.

SLAD has been tested and verified on the following platforms:

  • RedHat Fedora Core 5
  • SuSe 10
  • Debian 3.0 (woody)
  • Debian 3.1 (sarge)
  • Gentoo Linux 2006.1

SLAD is implemented in Perl and provides an extendable plugin architecture allowing to use various GPL-based security scanners and auditing tools under one common framework. Currently, SLAD comes packaged with

As a result SLAD delivers reports of these locally installed auditing and analysis tools. When used with OpenVAS the individual reports are wrapped into a standard OpenVAS report.

SLAD as well as the SLAD NASL Plugins can be downloaded from this Website in their current stable release V2.0.


You can use our "easy-to-use" GTK installer, this installer downloads the lastest SLAD Release Binary, and install it on the target system. You only need to provide the login for the traget system.


For details on how to use SLAD as a stand-alone application see the INSTALL and readme.txt documents that come packaged which SLAD. After successful installation these files are located in the main SLAD directory /opt/slad/share/doc. Additional information can be found in the SLAD developer's and admininstrator's guide.

For information regarding how to use SLAD in connection with OpenVAS see the NASL section of this web site.